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More pics from 2023 Nanyehi Production HERE!


The Life of Music” – Episode 2 - Released June 16, 2023 with Becky and Duane.


KTUL “Good Day Tulsa” – Oct. 11, 2023 Becky Hobbs and Cheyenne Gagner,
who plays the lead role in “Nanyehi” are interviewed.
Cheyenne sings “Let There Be Peace.”


KOTV Channel 6 Tulsa – Oct. 2, 2023 Becky Hobbs and Cheyenne Gagner are interviewed by Dave Davis on the “Six in the Morning” show.

Becky is interviewed by eastern Tennessee historian D. Ray Smith on his show “Hidden History: Stories from the Secret City” Dec. 30, 2023:



More pics from 2021 Nanyehi Production HERE!


I was backstage before the show, but wanted to experience the concert from the audience. Randy Owen acknowledged me before they started “Angels Among Us,” but the spotlight never found me. They had a choir plus a string section join them and it was magnificent! The gentleman sitting beside me (whom I had never met before) video recorded it on his phone. I am so grateful for this song!



KJRH Channel 2 Tulsa – Oct. 28, 2021 Winnie Guess Perdue, Becky Hobbs, Duane Sciacqua and Tonia Weavel are interviewed in this wonderful feature by Cori Duke.


2020 started off with a bang (a surprise birthday party in Tulsa, a gig at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, then Scot England’s book release party honoring legendary guitarist Jimmy Capps at the Nashville Musicians Union. Then, Covid hit.


Brett Bingham wrote the medley of my titles to the tune of Jones on the Jukebox...brilliant!

Brett Bingham performs his brilliantly written tribute to Becky at her surprise birthday party in Tulsa on Jan 14. Becky’s longtime friend, Sammye Walton did a fabulous job spearheading the event, and keeping it a surprise!

Jim Paul Blair sings Rub-A-Dubbin' at my Early Birthday Surprise Party, Tulsa, OK Jan 2020

Jim Paul Blair surprised Becky with his rendition of “Rub-A-Dubbin’.” None of us knew then, that less than a month later, he would be gone. He is forever loved.


  • with stellar songwriters Wood Newton and Rafe Van Hoy Jan. 26, 2019
  • with Troy Wayne Poteet, David Hampton, Jack Baker and Curtis Rohr at the gravemarking of Rebecca Ketcher Neugin, the last survivor of The Trail of Tears, Lost City, OK June 8, 2019
  • with Benita Hill and Billy Yates at his Hit Songwriters In The Round show, Branson, July 2019
  • with Duane Sciacqua, Jim Loftin and Jim Paul Blair at Ron Boren's Celebration of Life at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Sept 15, 2019 Gone too soon.
  • At our Nanyehi show w Travis Fite, Michelle Honaker and Duane Sciacqua Nov 2019
  • At our Nanyehi show, Cherokee Nation Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr and daughter Jasmine Nov 14, 2019
  • our Mini-but-mighty Nanyehi orchestra Ricky Gonzalez, Farren Mayfield, Rick Gomez, Duane Sciacqua, Jim Loftin and Jim Paul Blair Nov 2019
  • with Brady Spencer, Tony Paoletta, Duane Sciacqua and Dave Francis at the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree Mar 16, 2019
  • with Jennifer Herron, Sylvia, Linda Davis, Dianne Sherrill and Barbara Fairchild at a Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Benefit, Murfreesbroro, TN Apr 4, 2019
  • with Deborah Allen, Randy Travis, Barbara Fairchild, Linda Davis, and Mary Travis Murfreesboro, TN Apr 4, 2019
  • Our Nanyehi short film was inducted into the Oklahoma Movie Hall of Fame on Apr 20, 2019!
  • with Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr, January and Jasmine, Chief Bill John Baker and Sherry, Winnie Guess Perdue, David Webb and Duane Sciacqua
  • with Dave Gibson and Billy Yates at his Hit Songwriters In The Round show, Branson May 2018
  • Planting Day at the Nancy Ward aka Nanyehi gravesite near Benton, TN May 2019
  • Oklahoma Movie Hall of Fame Wall April 20, 2019!
  • Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree Mar 16, 2019
  • with fellow Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame members Chick Rains, Barbara McAlister and CH Parker at Ron Boren's C.O.L.
  • with legendary songwriter, singer Bill Anderson, Murfreesboro, TN Apr 4, 2019
  • with my owl crush, Maximus and owner, fellow Nancy Ward descendant Curt Cearley, May 2019


Becky sings Angels Among Us at the Bluebird CafeBenefit for Alive Hospice with Benita Hill and Amanda Williams, Jan 23, 2019

Here is the trailer for our short film Nanyehi. Our film showed at the Will Rogers Motion Picture Film Festival in Claremore, OK Nov 2, 2019

Nanyehi Trailer from Nanyehi on Vimeo.





It was an honor to be featured on Osiyo TV's "Voices of the Cherokee People."



The Beckaroo performed solo at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in Muskogee, OK. Nanyehi stage performance

L to R: Longtime friend David Webb, Becky and Jim Paul Blair, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Becky performs her song “Angels Among Us” (co-written with Don Goodman and recorded by ALABAMA). Randy Owen says that this song has garnered more fan mail than any other song ALABAMA has ever recorded.

Becky sings a new song, “If I Go First.”

Becky sang “Tsa La Gi-We Are Many” at the 2014 Cherokee National Holiday in Tahlequah, OK.

L to R: Tommy Wildcat, Susan Plumb “Miss Cherokee,” Becky and David Comingdeer.

The Beckaroo enjoys doing shows with gal pals, Benita Hill and Kacey Jones, billed as “A Cowgirl, A Diva and A Shameless Hussy.” The three trade off doing songs that they’ve each written, and sing harmony with each other.

At the Balsam Mountain Inn, one of our favorite annual gigs. L to R: Becky, Benita and Kacey.

Nov. 2014 At the Frank Brown International Song Festival, Gulf Shores, FL. Check out our facebook page here.

Savannah Oaks Winery, Eastern TN

Good friend, Red Jenkins, Sweden's “Honky Tonk Man” recorded a few tracks (including one that Becky wrote and one that Red and Becky wrote together) on his new album, at Becky and Duane's home recording studio. Here, the musicians are gathered around Pig Robbins at the grand piano. L to R: Ron Williams, Randy Mason, Duane Sciacqua, Larry Paxton, Red Jenkins, Brent Mason, Leona Williams, Becky, Pig Robbins, and Joe Spivey

Backstage at the Joint, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, before “Nanyehi.” L to R: Chief Bill John Baker, his wife, Sherry, Becky and Duane Sciacqua. Chief Baker is a fellow Nancy Ward descendant.

Becky and Duane after the last show in Kingsport, TN.


Blasts From The Past

October, 2013

Watch a short 10 min. "in the making" video of "Nanyehi" and our Oklahoma premiere.

News On 6

Click here to read the full article of the "Musical Premiere At Cherokee National Holiday In Tahlequah".

October, 2013

We got a wonderful review of our musical in the October 2013 issue of the Cherokee Phoenix. Click here to view the article

September, 2013

OKLAHOMA Magazine (Sept. 2013) ran a great article on "Nanyehi" (pages 26-27) by John Wooley. Click here to view the article

Some after-the-show quotes:

"Becky Hobbs's and Nick Sweet's interpretive story of Nanyehi is a world-class musical production. As one of her descendants, the story of Nancy Ward is both inspirational and deeply personal to me. The stirring compositions, riveting dialogue and modern choreography make this a must-see piece of musical theater. Cherokee Nation history enthusiasts and theater fans will be mesmerized with Becky's wonderful creation."

Bill John Baker, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief

"NANYEHI is a powerful, sweeping saga told in achingly personal terms. Nashville performer and songwriter Becky Hobbs has long been able to turn a phrase and evoke an emotion with the best of her peers; collaborating here with veteran stage director Nick Sweet, her songs propel a real-world story that reverberates with wisdom. feeling, and shared humanity."


"Every aspect of this production, from the quality of the performers, most of them local, to the structure and dialogue of each scene, to the beauty of the music, is spectacular... I have never cared so deeply or shed so many tears for characters in a play... this musical deserves a permanent place in the hall of fame of American creative productions." Click here to read more

Stanley A. Rice, Professor of Biological Sciences, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant

August, 2013

Here are some pics from our Tahlequah production of "Nanyehi-Beloved Woman of the Cherokee.

Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance

Some backstage shots:

Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance

We had a great band!

Nanyehi stage performance

From left: Jim Paul Blair, Holly Stocks, Duane Sciacqua, me, Jim Loftin and Ron Boren.

Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance

Becky, Nick and members of the cast appeared in the Cherokee National Holiday Parade.

Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance

For more pics and info on "Nanyehi-Beloved Woman of the Cherokee," go to:

August, 2013

Becky and Duane sang TSA LA GI-WE ARE MANY at the State of the Nation address on Aug. 31st.

Nanyehi stage performance Nanyehi stage performance

Here are some recent pics of Becky, Duane and others:

Becky Hobbs

The Beckaroo onstage at the Savannah Oaks Winery, Delano, TN 2013

Becky Hobbs

Duane Sciacqua on stage 2013

Becky Hobbs

Two Okies: Garth Brooks and Becky Hobbs 2013

Becky Hobbs

Duane and Becky with the Rascals after their show on Broadway, NYC 2013

Becky Hobbs

Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker and Becky, June 2013

Becky Hobbs

Becky sings at a benefit for longtime friend, Billy Joe Cook, Mullendore Ranch, Dewey, OK July 2013

Becky Hobbs

Becky, Loney Hutchins, Kacey Jones and Benita Hill play the world famous Bluebird Café, 2013

Becky Hobbs

"A Cowgirl, A Diva and A Shameless Hussy" (Becky Hobbs, Benita Hill and Kacey Jones) Sept. 2013

Becky Hobbs

Oct. 14, 2013 - The Beckaroo got to be a presenter at the 2013 Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in Muskogee. From left: Timothy Long; Inductee Barbara McAlister, Jim Paul Blair (Executive Director of the OMHOF), Inductee Pretty Miss Norma Jean, Inductee Mason Williams and Becky Hobbs.

May, 2012

Michelle Honaker starring as Nanyehi (Nancy Ward) Savannah River Productions

We received six Standing O's at our six World Premier performances of NANYEHI-BELOVED WOMAN OF THE CHEROKEE in Hartwell, GA in April, 2012! Michelle Honaker did an amazing job portraying Nancy Ward. We had a terrific cast of 40 actors, singers and dancers.

Savannah River Productions Produced by Savannah River Productions

Photos from the performance below:

Nanyehi stage performance

Nanyehi and her mother, Tenia at the river

Nanyehi stage performance

The Stickball Game

Nanyehi stage performance

Women prepare the Black Drink for warriors before the Battle of Taliwa

Nanyehi stage performance

After Kingfisher is killed, Nanyehi leads the Cherokee to victory

Nanyehi stage performance

Nanyehi is honored as War Woman by War Chief Oconastota and Peace Chief, Attakullakulla

Nanyehi stage performance

Cherokee women and white women sing "We all want the same thing" at Fort Loudoun

Nanyehi stage performance

Dragging Canoe and his warriors warn the greedy settlers that "There Will Be Blood"

Nanyehi stage performance

Nanyehi questions the meaning of life in "Pale Moon"

Nanyehi stage performance

Nanyehi comforts a young, dying white soldier

Feedback from the performance below:

"What an incredible production!!!! I've been reviewing shows for more than 40 years and this is one of the greatest and grandest and most emotionally heart wrenching musicals I have ever seen. My immediate reaction is that it combines the rebellious and youthful nature of Hair with the western pioneer spirit of Oklahoma! The story of the great Cherokee warrior woman and peace advocate Nanyehi (also known by her English married name of Nancy Ward) is so typical of the many Americans who are trying to get beyond what divides us while trying to remember what best unites us. The superbly crafted songs of Becky Hobbs, great dialog by co-playwright Nick Sweet and amazing performance by Michelle Honaker in the title role brings to mind one simple question: Why isn't this show on Broadway where all Americans can be proud of the real-life role that Native Americans had in bringing about our wonderful nation?"

Don Rhodes, Publications Editor
Morris Communications Co.
Publications Manager
National Barrel Horse Association
The Augusta Futurity

"Since Nanyehi became famous before written historical records on Native Americans are extensive, we know just enough about her life to interweave historical events with artistic license. Nick Sweet and Becky Hobbs have done this to perfection to produce a spectacular musical. Even though I had been following the project since its beginnings, seeing the premiere of "NANYEHI – Beloved Woman of the Cherokee" on April 14 in Hartwell, Georgia, was both breathtaking and moving. The Overture, which was new to me, was so overpowering, that I was literally in tears before one actor stepped onto the stage. The songs, which I had heard Becky sing many times, took on a new meaning when being performed as part of the narrative of Nancy Ward's life. Michelle Honaker's portrayal of Nanyehi was more inspiring and spiritually moving than I would have imagined possible. I can envision Michelle taking this to Broadway and the movie screen. The descendants of Nancy Ward will be proud and inspired by this project taken on by Becky and Nick."

David Hampton, President
The Association of the Descendants of Nancy Ward

"Becky Hobbs and Nick Sweet have created a powerful, unique, and brilliant musical about Nanyehi/Nancy Ward. The songs touch the heart and soul, and linger in the mind. The cast, dances, costumes, story, settings, and music were outstanding. Michelle Honaker portrayed Nanyehi to perfection with her vocal and acting skills. This is a shinning jewel of a musical, sure to land on Broadway and to tour the country for years, thanks to the talents of those involved who helped bring the Beloved Woman of the Cherokee to life. Standing ovations for every performance were well-deserved. I can hardly wait to see it again. I am certain that both the musical and the song "Pale Moon" will be multi-award winners."

Janelle Taylor - Multi-award winning, New York Times bestselling author of numerous Native American novels, including Destiny Mine and the "Lakota Skies Series."

"Michelle Honaker has set her sights high and achieved a great accomplishment. She epitomizes the spirit of peace for which Nancy Ward is known... I enjoyed the musical greatly and plan to return later this month for a repeat performance."

D. Ray Smith - The Oak Ridger, April 23, 2012

Click here to see more pics and updates on our Facebook page

December, 2011

Becky Hobbs

Danny Peary's in-depth interview with the Beckaroo has now been updated!

Click here to view the full article

November, 2011

Becky Hobbs, Duane Sciacqua, mezzo-soprano Barbara McAlister, flutest Tonya Russell, and the Cherokee National Youth Choir perform TSA LA GI – WE ARE MANY (written by Becky) at the Inauguration of Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, Bill John Baker, on Nov. 6, 2011 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Bill John Baker is a fellow Nancy Ward descendant.

December, 2011

"A Cowgirl, A Diva and A Shameless Hussy". Becky Hobbs, Benita Hill and Kacey Jones perform together, featuring songs they've each written, harmony vocals, humor, and inspiration. Photo taken at the Whippoorwill in Gallatin, TN for Operation Troop Aid.

April, 2011

U.K.'s Country Music People, the #1 magazine for international country music news. "Move over Lion King, roll over Les Miserables, step aside Lloyd-Webber, the Beckaroo and Nanyehi is coming!" - Jon Philibert

Click here to view the full article

September, 2010

Becky and Duane performed at the Cherokee Heritage Center Grounds in Tahlequah, OK to celebrate the 58th Cherokee National Holiday. After a rousing country music show, interspersed with songs from NANYEHI, the Beckaroo invited up friends, including opera singer Barbara McAlister, to join in singing "Tsa La Gi We Are Many." They got a standing ovation.

September, 2010

Becky Hobbs

Becky sings “Let There Be Peace” at the Association of the Descendants of Nancy Ward meeting in Tahlequah. At the end of the meeting, Duane joins her in singing “Tsa La Gi We Are Many,” and a resolution was made by the Association of Descendants, to propose legislation to make “Tsa La Gi We Are Many” the official National Anthem of the Cherokee Nation!

August, 2010

Becky Hobbs

Becky plays in her hometown, Bartlesville, Oklahoma to benefit CONCERN Charity, an organization that supplies a food pantry, day-care, and other services to needy families and individuals. She shared the stage with the Nellie Johnstone, the first commercial oil well in what is now the state of Oklahoma. Even the 96 degree weather didn't stop the Beckaroo from rockin' at the keys.

August, 2010

Becky's song, "Tsa La Gi We Are Many" is performed by the Cherokee National Youth Choir, celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and the release of their new album, "Now and Then." The song is included on the album. Becky was invited up to talk about how she wrote the song.

Click here to see the slideshow and hear the song

July, 2010

Becky and co-playwright, Nick Sweet, complete a three-week workshop at NSU for NANYEHI, under the direction of Robyn Pursley.

Front row L to R: Mike Remy, Lucy Stambaugh, & Trey Clark.
2nd row L to R: Siota Mulford, Jennie Pletsch, Nick Sweet, Chris Miller (NSU Playwriting & Screenwriting Instructor), & Becky Hobbs.
3rd row L to R: Robyn Pursley (Instructor & Coordinator of Theatre for NSU) & Danielle Clark.

April, 2010

NANYEHI-BELOVED WOMAN OF THE CHEROKEE is one of eight recipients of the 2010 Visual and Expressive Arts Program Awards of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. The museum's award program offers support to a wide range of arts activities with the goal of increasing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of contemporary Native American arts.

Click here to view the full article

Becky Hobbs

Becky Hobbs, 5th-great granddaughter of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, recently visited Long Island on the Holston River in Kingsport, Tennessee, where Nancy Ward gave her famous speech in 1781. The Americans present included Col. William Christian and John Sevier, who were perplexed that the Cherokee would let a woman speak for them. In her speech, Nancy said, “You Americans look at women as though we are nothing. But we are your mothers; you are our sons. Our cry is all for peace. Let it continue. This peace must last forever. Let your mother’s sons be ours, our sons be yours. Let your women hear our words.”

Picture caption: Becky Hobbs, 5th-great granddaughter of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Cherokee, stands at the Cherokee Monument at Long Island, Tennessee, where Nancy gave her plea for peace in 1781. The monument depicts the Seven Clans of the Cherokee and the Seal of the Cherokee Nation.

July, 2007

The July 16, 2007 issue of Country Weekly features the Beckaroo!

Click here to view the full article

Beckaroo & Duane visited Becky's old high school friend, Hans Schmoldt and his lovely wife, Kathy, in Grand Junction, CO when Duane was playing Country Jam with Rodney Atkins. Rodney has had three #1's in a row, and each stayed at #1 for multiple weeks. It was a great concert (30,000 people) and Hans & Kathy rolled out the red carpet, with 2 fun-filled days of rafting down the Colorado, drinking in sky chairs looking out at the beautiful western skies, shooting bottles with a slingshot, and a catered dinner under the Colorado stars with fantastic pianist, Roy Hutchins entertaining.

Duane rockin' with Rodney... taken from the "These Are My people" video shoot.